Right now, I am...

Last updated: September 19, 2019

Working on my own site

The site you are looking at right now actually. It used to run on Jekyll and GitHub pages. Switched to a private VPS with PHP and zend-expressive. In 2018 it was converted to Vue.js and hosted on Netlify to learn the framework and progressive web apps. And currently it's being changed to Hugo served by Netlify's content delivery network to get it to your screen as fast as possible. No fancy stuff, just static html pages.

Working on a client project

For a client I'm building a PHP based API server powered by zend-expressive. Its purpose is to feed configuration and content to several company websites, auction sites and webshops, all build with Vue.js.

Test driving

Once in a while I'm test driving cars for brake refinement, quality assurance and durability, for Valmet Automotive Spain. Besides the quality assurance part it has nothing to do with my designer and programmer life, but it clears my head and gets me away from the screen.

Doing sports when not working

This may include, but is not limited to, mountain biking, (trail) running, yoga and diving.

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